Bio-Lead Pharma, offers clinical grade Drug Substances , API and ready to use (Vials/PFS) for a wide range of blockbuster biosimilars. Our Drug Substances are essential similar to the originator products.


Our Products

  • rh IFN alpha 2a
  • PEGylated rh IFN alpha 2a
  • rh IFN alpha 2b
  • rh IFN beta 1a
  • rh G-CSF
  • rh PEGylated G-CSF
  • rh Insulin

  • rh EPO alpha
  • rh IL-2
  • rh PDGF-AA
  • rh PDGF-BB
  • rh TNF alpha blocker (Enbrel) - coming soon

NEW: PEGylation technology transfer & Custom services

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